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We create press releases for the internet, with one main purpose in mind – to rank well on Google and other search engines.

A press release can often make it to Google because it is considered NEWS as opposed to most websites which are seen as commercial operations. A news release when properly constructed is considered by Google to give the web surfer a good experience and as such can move up the ranks quite quickly – very quickly in some cases.

Google is not concerned with where websites rank on the net. Complex algorithms formulated by armies of PhD’s in Computer Sciences determine the positioning of websites, so you have no chance of ranking highly unless your site meets their exacting standards (which change from time to time). Google’s real constituents are internet searchers– not website owners – even though it is from website owners that they make their money (ie Adwords).

The more searchers there are the happier Google is - for one simple reason. They make more money – billions of dollars every year. Google needs millions of people using its browser for without these numbers, website owners won’t get the clicks, and without paid clicks Google doesn’t make money.

It is of course logical that Google doesn’t mind if your website performs poorly in terms of natural search since then your only option of getting to the first two or three pages relies on your signing up to their Adwords program.

It is more important to Google that web users have a good experience and can easily find what they want. If this happens (as it generally does) they will return time and time again. It is because Google is so ‘web user’ focussed, that it dominates the market. This is of course great for those website owners who are lucky enough to rank highly in terms of natural search, and even bodes well for those who are prepared to ‘invest’ in Adwords (so long as they have deep pockets).

Because Adwords has gone from strength to strength in recent years the cost of clicks has climbed ever upwards. Today there are numerous highly popular search terms that can cost 25 ($40) or more for a single click. Because of these high costs it is very easy for a small business to spend hundreds (even thousands) of pounds / dollars a month on PPC (pay per click) advertising without seeing any tangible results. There is no accounting and you are given no information as to the identity of those who are clicking on your website. Chances are that it could be your competitor checking you out and you are paying for the privilege! That’s the bad news. Or in extreme cases, somebody being mischievous and clicking your site over and over. Google does claim to have systems in place to detect multiple clicks (click fraud). But all is not lost.

The good news is that there are other, less costly, ways to rank on Google and other search engines WITHOUT the expense of having to undertake a costly PPC campaign. And, with luck it is even possible to get your message on to page 1 of Google even if your website is nowhere to be found in normal search. If fact, you don’t even need a website at all. Read on.

The KEY to achieving this is to be found in the good, old fashioned PRESS RELEASE.

By creating and then keyword optimising a carefully crafted press release of between 250-350 words (maximum) about some aspect of your company’s products or services you stand a very good chance of getting your business onto Page 1 of Google News within a few hours of the release having gone out.

Sometimes a business owner will tell us that ‘we don’t have any news’. Don’t worry, leave it to us and we can generally find an aspect of your company’s business that has a ‘news’ element in it and around which we can construct an acceptable release.

In creating a release we have two objectives in mind. The first is getting your release onto the first page of Google News, and from there if we are lucky, to the first few pages of Google itself. All the other sites (such as MSN, Bing, Ask, etc) that run with your release, come as a bonus. Google is the one that really counts.

When constructing a release (article) about your business we ensure that it contains key words that web surfers are known to search on. We also include two links back to your website (if you have one) along with the name of a contact person in your company and the business phone number.

With a well optimised press release containing the above information it does not matter where your website ranks on Google. In fact you don’t even need a website to rank on Google, since with a press release containing all your contact details you still get the message across in an effective and succinct manner.




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